That Was Then

by That Was Then

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Album artwork by Andrew Dollak
Cover photo by Daisy Sheps
Thanks to two girls for pissing me off enough to write this album


released April 26, 2015

All lyrics written by Theo Brcic
Vocals by Christophe Couttolenc
Guitar by Seth Brown
Bass by Seth Brown
Drums by Theo Brcic
Recorded and mixed by John Dinsmore at The Lincoln County Social Club



all rights reserved


That Was Then Toronto, Ontario

A few kids from Toronto killing it

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Track Name: In My Head
This world is far gone
And everyone is sick of me
Am I doing it wrong
Or is it just the way things should be

On the person I want to become
I’ll lose my shit
And everything will be good again

Let’s go down to
The black and white cemetery
We’ll turn the crosses
Upside down for god to see
Let’s go down to
The black and white cemetery
We’ll dig our graves
And return to where we should be

I want to live
In dreams of faded summer warmth
But I can’t give
Into the sober cold

We’ll walk alone
Silence makes me feel inside
When I get home
I’ll lie down and pretend to be dead


I need a pill
And a good talking to
I don’t want to do this
But I don’t want to lose you
Track Name: Done Now
Remember all those nights
When we didn’t hate each other’s guts
Running out of your basement with your dad coming down those stairs
Remember all those times
When I could touch every inch of your skin
And we didn’t worry about anything in the world underneath your covers

But that’s all done
It’s gone now
You’ve erased each memory
And you’ve ended up hating me
But that’s all done
You’re gone now
And I’m left here feeling sorry for myself

Thinking of you
And how everything you said was a lie
You’ve wasted it all and we’ll never talk like this again
Thinking of nothing
All of the time
Just hoping that somehow everything will be put back perfectly


Why’d I do that
Why’d I do anything
To make you feel bad
When I have no feeling
Why’d I do that
Why’d I do anything at all
Sitting here all alone
I’m so gone
Track Name: Wasted
Some of the shit I do is so useless and stupid
Rolls of film with pictures of burning crosses
Most days I do nothing and loop it
Smoking by the river with you

Kids cracked out
Never realizing
They’re lucky
And wasted
Screaming at the walls of my house

The girl with the blue hair smoking a cigarette
Empty alleys at night could be my home forever
She might be the worst person I’ve ever met
I don’t really care anymore


My dad’s girlfriend’s laugh makes me want to kill
I don’t belong in these sad boring places
Dreams of him looking at me with a bloody loaded gun
I don’t really care anymore


I’m so tired of everyone
There’s a loaded gun
To my head
Track Name: Pray Slow
I don’t really want to feel like that
It’s like it’s all coming to a close
Though it’s really just the beginning
Glassy eyes and powdered nose

You say you’re gonna die young
I hope that’s not true
Cause I don’t have anyone else
To be with but you

I thrive on perfection none the less
I laugh at regret
I’m trying to do this nicely
But it’s hard to forget
The things we do everyday
Don’t change a thing
Hoping you’ll stay here
Cause I’m really trying

Every sound and word means something
And changes how we think or feel
Blurred and dark but beautiful
I don’t think you’ll ever heal

Doesn't matter what we do
So why not do it all
Long and restless days
We’ll wait for it to fall


We could really do anything
Stay out all night and walk
Small things can make it better
I just can’t wait for you to talk

People who think they’re better
I’ll daydream all day
Warm covers and images
Nothing but decay

To bow down
And pray slow
The sad sounds
Of distance
I’m all out
Of patience
From trying to make you realize
Track Name: All The Way
First of all
All I hope I’m never coming back again
I hope my life gets ruined somehow
So I got nothing to
Lose and can just run away

All the way
All the way from here to you and back and nothing changed
Nothing at all not in any way
And you always say
I’m so angry passive aggressive
But there’s no other way
With you

But then again
I get caught up with my stupid fucking emotions
But there’s no other way with me
Leaving your house
Unhappy with my fucking self
The way things change


It’s so hard
To talk or look or even think of you
In my head
I don’t even think of you as existing