by That Was Then

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Album cover by Taylor Johnson


released April 24, 2016

All lyrics written by Theo Brcic except "Angel" written by Christophe Couttolenc
Vocals by Christophe Couttolenc
Guitar by Seth Brown
Acoustic guitar by Christophe Couttolenc
Bass by Duncan Briggs
Drums by Theo Brcic
Recorded by John Dinsmore at The Lincoln County Social Club
Produced, mixed, mastered by Jack Richter-Powell



all rights reserved


That Was Then Toronto, Ontario

A few kids from Toronto killing it

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Track Name: Reasons
Now it’s all done
Everything’s dark now
It’s gone too far
Those things you said
Ring in my head
It’s for the better
Don’t come to get her
But please don’t go
And with the snow
You walk down that road again
Get all new friends
Get sad get bored
Get tired forget it all
Track Name: Never Sure
I used to stare at you
And think about how much I liked what I saw
But now you’re far away and forgetting
What we were a few months ago

Remember when we worked together
When we were still close friends
And how every day we’d talk
It won’t be like that again

I was never sure

I guess I got too boring for you
Maybe I didn’t fuck my life up enough
You think I’m bland and square but
Never realized you ran out of luck

Dirty T-shirts and cigarettes
Portrays the dirty aesthetic you’re stuck in
Bright eyes and a stupid smile
Wasn’t ever given an option

Track Name: Too Long
You tore out my heart now I don’t love you
You never apologized
You made me feel numb and useless but now
I hope you feel exactly that
I never told you all the things I do
I didn’t tell you that for the
Majority of our relationship
I never wanted to get back

Why do I always do this
When I know I’m just hurting myself
Why do I always lose it
You’re just trying to be someone else

We used to hold each other
We used to tell each other that
We couldn’t see us with anyone else
But now we’re doing exactly that
Do they touch you the way that I did
Do they draw circles on your back
Do they say they’ll never leave you
Well they always do since you’re a wreck

Track Name: Late Nights
Never gonna be sorry
Never gonna be okay
Never gonna be happy
Never find another way

Late night walks
Late night rips
Late night fire
No accident

Flipped crosses
Flipped causes
Flipped feelings
Never lose it

Burn a blunt
Down a fifth
Emotions gone
Buried with it
Track Name: Left Alone
So you did it again
You messed up you got no friends
You try to convince yourself you do
They’re really just people using you
So you lit it again
Told them to die never made amends
Told you they all fake it in the end
You need to get over yourself

I don’t have anything to lose I don’t have anything to lose
I don’t want to talk to you I don’t want to talk to you
So here it goes
Never had anything to prove never had anything to prove
Forget the truth

I don’t like anyone anymore
Kicked right out of your front door
Things you said to hurt me
I forgot them all and let it be
Every night I think of you
Staying out with nothing to lose
Let’s just stay in and smoke
Because your life is a sad joke


I want to be left alone
Like all those people under the snow
Thinking about what I left
When I decided to just drift
Old songs no one ever hears
Who wants to always live in fear
That’s how you’ll turn out to be
Missing out on everything you see

Track Name: Angel
You pick me up when I’m down
Turn my frown the right way round
I shine bright as the lambent sky
Try my best not to let them cry
But if they do I’ll heal you
And you can heal me

Cause you’re so beautiful
You’re my angel
Won’t you stay awhile
Cause you’re all I need
You’re so beautiful
You’re my angel

Someday we’ll get away
Live our lives in happiness
Take our place lost in space
Overcome all sadness

Track Name: Nothing
All the nights
Staying up with panic attacks
Saddened by
Your forgotten objects
Here again
Staring up at grey sky
Always gone
Always gonna have to lie

Instrumental Build-Up

So there we go
Another one down the drain
Moving slow
Thoughts fill into my brain
All alone
Feeling every bit of pain
I hope you know
It’ll never be the same

Flashing lights
Red hair and subtle smile
It’s hard right now
It’ll be better in a while
By myself
Feelings going up and down
Shut them out
Where they’ll never be found

Instrumental Build-Up


So there we go
Another one down the drain
Moving slow
Thoughts fill into my brain
All alone
Feeling every bit of pain
I hope you know
It’ll never be the same

I’m really done
Gotta get away from everything
And when I’m gone
I know you’ll miss the feeling
It’s getting hard
Need to wait a season
To understand
All of these reasons